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Why I Became A Food Blogger

From my childhood, I have always enjoyed my mother's delicious recipes. Having traveled across India, I had tasted amazing flavors from all over the country. After traveling to the US, I had gotten an amazing opportunity to experience different world cuisines - Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean, Burmese, Thai, Chinese, American and many others!

I have always been passionate about cooking and trying new recipes in the comfort of my own kitchen and through Culinary Aromas, I can bring my healthy and delicious recipes right to you! Through this blog, I hope to show you my unique versions of all the appetizing dishes from India, as well as the world - the vegetarian way.


Ride along with me for an awesome culinary journey!

- Asha



Akash Anand

Technical Design & Photography


Akash loves contributing to Culinary Aromas using his tech and photography skills. He also blogs and reviews content regularly.

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