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Green Moong Vada

Green Moong / Whole Moong Vadas are Crispy and Tasty Vadas with all the goodness of Green Moong.

In this post, I show three ways of making these Vadas - Deep fried, Air-fried and Pan-fried. Make these vadas and enjoy as an evening snack.


  • 1 Cup Green Moong/Green Gram Dal

  • 3 Green Chillies

  • 4 Cloves of Garlic

  • 1 Inch Ginger

  • 1 Medium Onion

  • ¼ Cup chopped coriander leaves

  • 1 Tsp Cumin/Jeera

  • 1 Tsp Salt

  • Water for soaking the dal

  • Oil for frying

Video Instructions

Written Instructions

Making the vada mix

  • Add 1 cup green moong dal to a bowl.

  • Add enough water and soak for 5-6 hours. The dal needs to soak well. If not, the vadas may turn out hard.

  • Drain off all the water.

  • Transfer to blender. Coarse blend/pulse without adding any water by mixing as needed. Leaving some dal coarse/unblended will make the vadas crispy.

  • Transfer to a bowl.

  • To a spice blender, add the green chilli, garlic and ginger.

  • Add this to the dal

  • Add chopped onions and coriander leaves

Making the vada

  • Take a small ball sized mix, flatten and shape into vadas.

Deep-Fry Method

  • Warm oil on medium flame.

  • Once the oil is hot, add the vadas to the oil one by one.

  • Do not overcrowd the oil

  • Flip in-between.

  • Fry until golden brown.

Air-Fry Method

  • Pre-heat air-fryer at 350F/180C for 5 mins.

  • Cover the basket with parchment paper or baking paper.

  • Please the vadas on the air-fryer basket.

  • Brush all the vadas with little oil.

  • Air-Fry the vadas at 350F/180C for 10 mins.

  • Take the tray out and flip the vadas.

  • Brush with little oil

  • Air-fry again at 350F/148C for 8-10 mins. Take care not to burn by checking after 8mins.

  • Enjoy the crispy green moong vadas with Coconut chutney or Ketchup and a cup of hot tea or coffee!

Pan-Fry Method

  • Warm Tawa on medium flame.

  • Place the vadas on the tawa.

  • Add little oil as required and roast on both sides until golden brown.


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